When was the last time you worked on your website and updated it? I know what you're going to say: you don't have time, you've got enough going on in your life without having to worry about that and you probably feel resistant to even thinking about it. For some people, working on their website is akin to working on their taxes or going to the gym - it's just not going to happen unless it has to. But it does need to happen. Google, Yahoo and Bing love websites that get changed and updated frequently.

Changing your website 2 or 3 times a week will, over time, increase its search engine ranking and make you more visible to potential clients. This of course can mean more money in your pocket. Websites that are never updated will actually drop in search engine ranking. So this needs to become one of your business priorities. Here are some tips that may help to overcome your resistance. They've helped me when I've felt stuck around doing something.

1) Just Do It!  Refuse to think about it, refuse to worry about, just do it. Reserve 15 minutes in your appointment book twice a week and when the time comes, force yourself into the chair, go online, log into your site and change some text or pictures. Change anything! Albert Ellis, psychologist and prolific author of over 75 books was once asked how he managed to write so much: "I place the seat of my pants on the seat of the chair and just start writing" he said.-

2) My experience is that people are not so much resistant to working on their website as they are resistant to starting to do it. Once they get going, it's no big deal. In talking about my resistance to practicing the piano, my teacher once suggested that I commit to just 10 minutes a day. "That's all you have to do to improve and make progress" he said and it worked. The pressure was gone and there were days when I practiced for hours. So try this "10 minute" rule and watch miracles happen with your website.-

3) Ask yourself: "How can I have fun doing this?" "What parts of my website or website-related tasks would I enjoy working on?" and just focus on those.-

4) If you really, really hate to work on your website, don't do it! Find some neighborhood kid to do it for you. Today's website software can make it easy for almost anyone to be a webmaster. So you can let go of the responsibility if you like and still get your website updated regularly.

If you have some website-related tips that have helped you out, please send them to me and I'll pass them along to everyone.

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